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The following is an excerpt from IMPACT’s ebook, “How an Inbound Marketing Agency Does SEO.” For more expert tips on how to strengthen your SEO and starting getting found, be sure to check out the full ebook.   So you’ve spent all this time on search engine optimization, now you’d like to see how it’s working, right?   Of course you do.   In fact, it’s important to track and measure the success of your SEO in order to more effectively allocate your resources.   But what exactly should you be measuring?   That’s what we’re here to show you. Listed below are some of the metrics measured here at IMPACT to ensure your SEO strategy is performing.  

Measuring Your SEO Strategy



  Obvious, right?   All other metrics basically revolved around the traffic your website is generating, therefore it’s only natural that traffic is the godfather of all metrics measured. Here, we’ll break down how to measure and analyze they different kind of traffic you’re getting and how it reflects how well your SEO strategy is doing.  
    • Unique Visitors – This is the total number of individual visitors that have visited your site in a specified period of time. This doesn’t include repeat visitors, resulting in an accurate assessment of how popular your content is. This tells you how well your campaign is driving visitors to your site.
    • Repeat Visitors – This tells you how many visitors have visited your site more than once. This tells you how attractive and resourceful your content is if people think enough of it to come back. If you don’t have enough repeat visitors, you need to add more valuable content worthy of a repeat visit.
    • Referral Traffic – These are non-search engines sites that send traffic to your site. How do you attain more of these? Inbound links! Start featuring attractive and resourceful content that others share on their own site or blog.

Traffic Sources

Using HubSpot’s “Reports” tab, the staff here at IMPACT is given a complete breakdown of the specific sources of traffic that are being driven back to our website, including:
    • Direct traffic
    • Organic traffic
    • Referral traffic
HubSpot’s Reports feature also enables us to see how much traffic our social media and email marketing campaign is driving back to our website.
Knowing exactly where your traffic is coming from and how they’re getting there is essential in analyzing the success of your SEO strategy. HubSpot’s software certainly makes it easier for us and for our clients.
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Post Author: John Bonini

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