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What is the purpose of a search engine? To help people find information fast, right?

Well, I’m sorry, but sometimes when I’m trying to find out if the latest celebrity RIP hashtag is a hoax or not, Google just isn’t fast enough.

Whether its a Twitter newsfeed or a Facebook timeline, more and more people are finding it easier to turn to social media than search bars when they need news and answers right away.

In fact, 74% of people say they use Twitter for news on a daily basis (nearly 40% relying on it for breaking news).

Because of this, it should come as no surprise that, slowly but surely, social media is having a greater impact on search engine optimization and search ranks.

Google has always shown preference to posts and pages on their native social platform, Google+, but over time, they’ve also begun to incorporate relevant content from YouTube and even Twitter.

This is a trend that many marketers are keeping a close eye on, including my IMPACT colleague, Erica Dube.

As an account strategist, Erica is responsible for overseeing all of the inbound activites of some of our agency’s biggest clients and she’s always on the look out for innovative strategies and trends to improve her campaigns. 

When I approached her about what she believed 2016 would entail for inbound marketing, the influence of social media on search was a main topic of conversation.

This article was originally posted on Can Social Media Revolutionize SEO in 2016? Here’s How It Already Is.

Post Author: Ramona Sukhraj

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