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As digital marketers, we are always looking for ways to grow our organic traffic by improving our SEO. With all of the major changes we have seen not only in the last two years, but that occur almost monthly now, it has become more competitive than ever. That is why it is more important than ever to run a technical SEO audit and work on implementing changes that can add up to a large amount of success in your results. This helps the overall health of your website and you will begin to see your content ranking higher and over your competitors. The infographic below from Alexa highlights some of the key areas that should be involved in your technical SEO audit and the key tactics you should take to make sure your site is up to highest standards in the eyes of Google. Some of the key areas that have the highest impact from this infographic include:
  • SSL Certified Site: This is now mandatory to show Google that your site is truly secure for your users.
  • Run Screaming Frog: This software is a great tool that allows you to view the health of your site at a high level. Are any of your pages no indexed that should be? Do your pages have titles, meta descriptions, and proper headers? These are just a few questions you can get easy answers to with this amazing software.
  • Utilize Speed Test Tools: Tools provided by Google and can give you very accurate insight into the speed of your site which plays a large factor in ranking. These tests will even tell you what is slowing your site down and identify the key areas you need to improve.
  • Optimize for Mobile: This is nothing new in our day and age but it is still critical to make sure you are testing across all browsers and devices to make sure your site is user-friendly on mobile and fast for the user.
This article was originally posted on 10 Important Steps to a Technical SEO Audit for 2019

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