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Rock Street, San Francisco

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WordCamp Lancaster was our second WordCamp experience. Our first was WordCamp Baltimore back in October. It’s a great deal: about $20 gets you a full day of classes with two tracks to choose from, lunch, and an after party. This time we tried to act like old pros, but the sessions quickly remind us that there’s still much to learn. There will always be sessions over your head, sessions under your head, info you need and info you don’t need. It’s so helpful though to see what tools other developers are using. My notes during the sessions are frequently a list of tools and resources to investigate further.

Because our company is just two of us right now, it’s important to meet other people in the flesh who are doing what we do. Somewhere we read the advice “don’t be afraid to miss a session,” and this is hard but actually a good tip, as talking with people and making connections is one of the most valuable pieces of WordCamp. And, the sessions will always be posted on for reviewing later. This time we crossed paths with some friends we met back in the fall, Eli, Dustin, and Tim from LaunchDM, one of the WordCamp sponsors. They introduced us to their company founders too so we got to hear about life at a marketing studio.

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